Car service shop (Riga Motor Museum, 2018)


Automotive journey dates back to year 2005 when Gytis Repečka created Lithuanian automotive news website Site published new and used car reviews, local auto and moto coverage, photos and live statistics (circuit car race results analysis system was Gytis’ BA thesis). At it’s peak would receive 2500 unique visitors per day. Project was discontinued in 2011 although couple years later Gytis started doing car on-board diagnostics and gaining experience in both generic OBD-II and manufacturer-specific scanning and configuration. While initially providing diagnostic free of charge, now it is time to elevate services to higher level and offering them to wider audiences.

Diagnostics is part of company’s interest although it serves as a basis for further smart automotive services including:

  • error checking, problem troubleshooting;
  • live telemetry gathering and aggregation;
  • building knowledge bases;
  • providing consultancy.