Information Technology

Company has experience with following solutions and can provide consulting services:

Content publishing

Web servers

  • HTTP servers (regular or reverse proxies): Apache 2, nginx;
  • PHP: running applications and configuring in mod_fcgid (Apache) and php-fpm (nginx) modes.

Server control panels

  • Hestia / Vesta control panel;
  • cPanel / WHM;
  • Plesk;
  • DirectAdmin.

Internet services

  • DNS (resolver, authoritative, primary/slave, DNSSEC);
  • E-mail (Exim, Dovecot, Postfix, Courier).

Private cloud

  • Nextcloud (files, contacts, calendar);
  • DNS over TLS (BIND + STUN).


  • MySQL / MariaDB;
  • Prometheus (experimental).

Open source

Webimg – library written in Go lang to manipulate images. Currently it is able to watermark JPG image with PNG logo at defined opacity.

Initialize sources:

go get -d -u

And use in your Go application:

import (

// Input image, watermark image, result image, bottom-right offset X, bottom-right offset Y, watermark alpha
doWatermark := webimg.Watermark("smplayer_preferences.jpg", "watermark_inretio-logo.png", "result_img.jpg", 30, 30, 70)
if doWatermark != nil {
  fmt.Println("There was an error watermarking image...")

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