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Open source software and open hardware is what drives Inretio. Exploring, learning, troubleshooting, improving and creating free software (or libre software) is fundamental part of our products and activities.

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Little library written in Go lang to manipulate images. Currently it is able to watermark JPG image with PNG logo at defined opacity and resize picture.

To use this library in your Go application initialize sources:

go get -d -u

Include into your application:

import (

And call where required:

// Input image, watermark image, result image, bottom-right offset X, bottom-right offset Y, watermark alpha
doWatermark := webimg.Watermark("input_image.jpg", "watermark_image.png", "result_imgage.jpg", 30, 30, 70)
if doWatermark != nil {
	fmt.Println("There was an error watermarking image...")